I know I talk a lot of shit on it but life is actually really easy! ;]

I’m domb bcuz I do the saem thing I hate tht peeple do 2 me sometimes to……

I should not have done that.
Most people regularly

Two words I would use to describe the music I want to make.

Gothic energy

The implications of waking up wrapped in spider webs.


Likely not any less happy before when not feeling a need to share everything.

Attempt a ‘new’? Maybe, “Shut up, shut in, and shut out.”

Too simple?

I suppose we were never ones to take a direct approach.

Chasing dreams

when you are awake… No wonder you’re so unhappy. Get to bed now!

These days…

I am extra thankful toward my mother for blessing me with a headful of thick hair.


I want to spend my life playing pokemon.

*A Crowly appears!*

It uses Irritating Caw! Your patience is lowered!

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