I started this to perpetuate the idea that it all meant something but now I continue because it is all that I know


monogamy: a unicorn rainbow myth

part II: someone will always be more sexually attractive than you

part III: realism killing romance? it’s more common than you think

Dug a grave for romance long ago. Forgot to put a tombstone and now I can’t even pay my respects. I guess I use my friends’ relationships as some sort of shrine that I tend to as part of my priestly duties.

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Just be terse

Hello, we are just calling to confirm you’re an asshole this Monday at 8:30 AM. Please bring all necessary paperwork, filled out, at least fifteen minutes prior to the appointment. Thank you.


Holy shit.

Ever since the straightwhiteboystexting tumblr was created, the definition of “Irony” was rewritten to clarify: “excludes straight white boys texting”.

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It’s a Slow Tragedy as the fingers ache from wear away from what they used to embrace

Sincerely for a moment, concerning a departure from home

Wondering how to get through this rough patch with my skilled-labor-work-job that I don’t currently plan on taking as a career. It may determine my mindset when moving to Portland next year.

Or, perhaps, I should arrange this into a familiar trope…

Discuss with me anything, consider each an invitation for conversation:

1. What can I do moving to that city that I couldn’t do now in this city?

2. Is addressing this doubt going to help?

3. What do I take with me?

4. Can I choose what I “take with me”?

5. How were your experiences moving away?

6. Any advise or encouragement is apprexiated.

7. I’m also currently at an end musically speaking here and would love to collaborate with more people but should I continually go back to people that are unable to make time for practice?

8. Every time I am near an end with a collaboration, I feel I have never done enough. How right is this? Does it matter?

9. I suppose it always does matter.

10. I need to be able to accomplish more as an individual, how do I start?


days alter lives, withdrawing all that aligns. the fact is not all that can determine this. in the black of nothing, nevertheless because you would never die. 

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It’s all over so I will go under


Wow I was feeling Very Very Bad so I started eating otter pops and I just so happened to see that the green flavor is named “Sir Isaac Lime” and I feel so much better now


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