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I am VERY excited about this trailer for Scott Walker and Sunn O)))’s new project.

I have been distracted/in transit the last couple months and have irresponsibly let this tumblr fall by the wayside during this rare period of actual Scott news. Sorry about that, but nonetheless I am VERY excited about this record and I hope you are too.

I mean, maybe it’s not the dance record we’ve all been waiting for but… well, maybe it is. Soused!

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dreaming about two mass shootings in one night really puts your day into a dystopian perspective. it happened right before my eyes. no one knew at this party. it was the coldest, most violent thing I’ve ever witnessed in illusion. and it happened twice; same place, same time, same rhythm.

The corruption of the dream from an early age takes you here today.


a paved lot encompassed by a fence. Within it are rows of fence sections leaning neatly one upon the other in a multitude of rows, filling up the lot completely.

Now extend your imagination just a tad further and picture me larger than life; larger than the entire lot. Imagine me taking a seat on this lot. I am sitting on the fence lot. I am sitting on all of the fences.



On the question of whether Haneke would make a film about Hitler: There is a question of responsibility … first and foremost to your viewers, your audience. Responsibility entails enabling your audience to remain independent and free of manipulation. The question is how seriously do I take my viewer, to what extent do I provide him with the opportunity of creating his own opinion…

UGH I remember this interview and thinking, (1) Night & Fog IS the best movie ever made about the Holocaust- it is so fundamental yet groundbreaking that anyone with a moral conscience and 30 min to spare should see it- and (2) Although one can argue that nothing is sacred, Haneke is foremost a nihilistic humanist and his demise is validated through his principles. If you’ve ever watched a Haneke film, then you behold the trust that he never patronizes his audience with wishful guidance. 

I recommend for anyone who wants a taste of Haneke’s exquisitely relentless filmmaking, Amour (which is the film that initially brought him to this interview)is a nice place to start. One of the most effective love stories ever written, where throughout the entire 2 hours of the film, you get to watch an elderly couple incrementally die together. When love attempts to fight mortality despite understanding very well that their efforts deem useless in the face of death is the most romantic spectacle. 

When I next watch a film, it will have to be Amour or Night & Fog then.

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so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!



so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!


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Pls don’t take this personally AntPal, this is just ARRT

Pls don’t take this personally AntPal, this is just ARRT

My friend, J.Put, is actually better than me at everything.

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My dawg J.Put is a really bad drawer but a much better artist. He is the only drawer that you can’t store any items in is what I am trying to say.