it’s 2014 and people still think Obama is muslim 

Seriously… Let’s focus on the facts - he isn’t ‘Merican, he’s outta this world. 8-)

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Ariel and I are Breaking Up because she puts the toilet paper roll on going under (like wtf right?????)

For real, what is the reason for this? Why?

The paper clings to the wall and I have to pry for it. This is the LAST thing I wanted to do while taking a clandestine bathroom break during work.

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I know I talk a lot of shit on it but life is actually really easy! ;]

I’m domb bcuz I do the saem thing I hate tht peeple do 2 me sometimes to……

I should not have done that.
Most people regularly

Two words I would use to describe the music I want to make.

Gothic energy

The implications of waking up wrapped in spider webs.


Likely not any less happy before when not feeling a need to share everything.

Attempt a ‘new’? Maybe, “Shut up, shut in, and shut out.”

Too simple?

I suppose we were never ones to take a direct approach.

Chasing dreams

when you are awake… No wonder you’re so unhappy. Get to bed now!

These days…

I am extra thankful toward my mother for blessing me with a headful of thick hair.